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UCARE is a Non Government Organization, fully incorporated in the state of Georgia, USA, SEEKING 501(c)(3) with the Internal Revenue Service, organized for the porposes in accordance with both the Ministry Statement and Vision Statements.

Upcoming Events

DEC 2013 Youth Revival in Hendersonville, NC December 31, 2013
Hendersonville, North Carolina

N/A 2014 Evangelistic Crusade in
Mbale, Uganda

N/A 2014 Evangelistic Crusade
Narok, Kenya

N/A 2014 Evangelistic Crusade and Well Construction in
Venima, Sierra Leone

Our Founders

Paul Townsend is a native of Montgomery, Alabama. He does not wish to disclose his qualifications and credentials so as to promote himself. There are enough ministers and preachers who promote themselves with their educational degrees, involvements with various civic organizations, their credentials, and various qualifications. This is an exaltation of self and does not promote Jesus Christ. He would rather boast about his weaknesses. He has not been the perfect Christian. His background is Apostolic Pentecostal.

At the age of nine, he began to seek the Lord and realized he was a sinner and needed baptism. He was saved and water baptized into the name of Jesus Christ at the age of nine in a cold mountain stream in North Carolina by his father. At the age of eleven, he began to pray and read his Bible everyday asking for the Holy Ghost for six months. At a country church in Canton, North Carolina he received the baptism of the Holy Ghost as an answer to six months of prayer. He was influenced in childhood with the idea that one can reach absolute perfection or entire sanctification. As he has lived his whole life following Jesus Christ, he realized that this is impossible and wrong theology. The whole duty of man is to acknowledge your sins frequently as you follow Jesus Christ and humbly ask His forgiveness. It is necessary to draw close to the Lord by daily prayer allowing the Holy Ghost to perfect you as you live out your life.

Sedric Walker is a missionary and servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. He was baptized and ordained in his hometown at the Cornerstone Church of the Living Faith in Atlanta, GA. After given his life to Jesus at an early age, he soon found that it is only by Faith that we can truly serve Jesus. He has seen many miracles in his life and in the life of others simply by having faith in God. Because of the love of Jesus and His precious Grace, Sedric is learning to trust God with his hopes, dreams and his life and follow Jesus. Only what we do for Jesus will last for eternity. Jesus Said to Peter, “ if you love Me, feed my sheep.”

The result of our love for Jesus is expressed in how we help God’s people! In spite of difficulties and disappointments, we must surrender all to follow Jesus. This is by Faith!!! GOD rewards of those that diligently seeks HIM!!!


To preach in churches in all nations convincing unbelievers, winning back the lost sheep, and convicting Christians of any self-righteousnessor sin in order to make ready a people for the Lord Jesus Christ at His Second Coming.

To partner with local churches in the establishment of new churches and the election of officers to oversee the government of those new churches.

To train young ministers to carry on the work of the ministry, develop their ministry gifts, enhance their private prayer life, and learn proper self-care techniques.

To carry out Prayer Evangelism in residential communities and other communities as the mission teams associated with UCARE are led of the Holy Spirit to visit.

To conduct educational seminars to the poor in topics to include, but not limited to: giving them skills to improve their health, personal finances, conflict resolution, anger management, and economic status.

To host missionaries from other nations in the United States to provide them with a spiritual retreat for self-reflection, personal development, and improving their professional qualifications.

To provide any assistance to existing humanitarian assistance organizations by partnering with them in their humanitarian aid projects.


The following two Scriptures are direct commands from our Lord Jesus Christ that authorize the activities of UCARE:

"He told them, “This is what is written: The Christ will suffer and rise from the dead on the third day, and repentance and remission of sins will be preached in his name to all nations,…” (Luke 24:46, 47)"

"And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come” (Matthew 24:14)"